CANNADLE - CBD hemp massage candles

Cannadle offers you high-quality, handmade candles with a special focus on sustainable ingredients. Thanks to the biological ingredients, the wax is very suitable as a peeling or for massages. 

With our candles, you also wrap every room in a relaxed feel-good atmosphere and pamper your senses with sweet scents. 

Learn more about the ingredients, the fragrance and the use of our candles

What sets us apart

Candles have been accompanying humanity for centuries and since then have been providing warmth, security and above all light.

We use the calmness and perfection of the candle and make handmade candles in reusable glasses. 

Our candles are made of paraffin, stearin and beeswax from the local beekeeper. In addition, there is a unique aroma of hemp flower flour, mixed with some hemp oil and hemp seed oil. All our ingredients are selected sustainably, the hemp comes from certified German companies.


We only buy our hemp from German certified agricultural and agricultural companies. All of our hemp products are grown and approved in Germany with a THC content of less than 0.02%. Our hemp flower flour comes from an organic company that has legal commercial hemp cultivation in NRW. 

We obtain our CBD premium hemp oil exclusively from certified German companies. Our oil has a CBD share of 5% with a THC content of <0.05%. We pay attention to GMO-free products and proven good quality. We source vegan raw materials without animal testing. All ingredients are approved in Germany.

Our premium quality organic organic hemp oil is made from seeds of the hemp plant (cannabis sativa). Our hemp oil is cold pressed, this process does not lose the valuable ingredients. So it provides a pleasantly warm fragrance and pampers all the senses. 

Regional beeswax

Bee dying is an ever-growing topic, and beekeepers are happily rejoicing over a small number of newcomers.

Support your local beekeepers!

We only get our wax from local beekeepers and, of course, also pay attention to tested and certified quality. Our wax is free from mold, pesticides or other harmful contaminants.

Convince yourself of our candles and our quality.

Sustainable stearin

Stearin is a raw material that is completely organic. Stearin consists to a large extent of palm oil, which is extracted from the fruits of the oil palm. 

As the rainforest is being further and further cleared for the large-scale cultivation of the oil palm, we pay attention when shopping Sustainability and relate our means of production only from traders, where we can understand the origin.

Recycled paraffin

Paraffin is a by-product of crude oil production. It is obtained from the lube oil cuts of the vacuum distillation of petroleum. During their dewaxing, the by-product is the slack wax, which still contains 2 to 30% oil components.

Again, even though it is difficult and there are few suppliers, we try to be sustainable and use partially recycled paraffin.

The environment is very important to us and should also be used with handmade cannabis candles

Cannadle play an important role.

Hemp and CBD

For hundreds of years, hemp has been widely appreciated by a variety of cultures for its soothing and, above all, medicinal properties. It is believed that the Urspurng in Central Asia, but by human intervention, hemp is now found from the temperate to the tropical zone.

Hemp not only convinces with its positive properties when consumed, but the very fibrous structure of the stems makes it easy to make ropes. Further, oil has always been produced from the seeds and other essential oils from the leaves and flowers. Hashish and marijuana are made from the dried plant ingredients. Even clothes and paper can be made from the fibers.


Our glasses are reusable. Try collecting candles and pouring a candle yourself.

environmentally friendly

We pay attention to the environment in all our ingredients and especially in the production and try to manufacture as environmentally friendly as possible.


The health benefits of cannabis have been known for centuries and are an important medicine in many cultures. Enjoy the soothing scent.