Cannadle immediately creates a cozy atmosphere,
with German organic hemp

CBD hemp massage candles

Organic - Handmade - Cannabis - CBD - Massage - Candle

Our candles immediately give the room a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. 

The scent is lovely with a slightly bitter note. Thanks to the biological ingredients, the wax can be used as a cream or peeling. When pouring it off, be careful not to burn yourself as the oils it contains can get very hot. The wax dries during the spreading process and therefore creates a very pleasant peeling effect. The remaining pieces can still be reused as needed.

Convince yourself now of our Cannadle & #8211; Cannabis massage candles.

Our candles are made by hand in the small kitchen. The secret recipe has long been tried and convinces with mostly local ingredients. The beeswax comes from local beekeepers and all hemp content is made in Germany by certified companies. The mixture of the wax takes place in each case one third so, we achieve an optimal burning behavior.

We recommend to let our candles burn for a short time and to pour off the wax again and again to ensure optimal burning. In addition, the wick should be shortened before each ignition.

  • local ingredients
  • sustained
  • Handmade with love


  • Sustainable stearin
  • Recycled paraffin
  • local beeswax
    all in equal proportions
  • German hemp flower flour circa 3g
  • Hemp oil with 5% CBD content and below 0.02% THC approx. 3 ml
  • Organic hemp seed oil about 10ml

Each candle is poured and refined by hand.


  • Let the candle burn a bit.
  • When genung wax has melted, you can blow the candle out again and drain the wax.
  • Attention the oils in the wax could be very hot. Make sure you do not burn yourself.
  • Massage in the wax, use as a cream or peeling.
  • When the wax gets cold, it will creak and can be used as a soap, for example.
  • Thoroughly and warmly wash and do not touch with eyes or mouth.